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Busou Renkin! LMAO (NO Pappi)
   HOw  do U stop an electric fan? (2:50-3:07

       I couldn't keep a straight face when it was the dance scene! LMAO



What a perv thing to do Yusuke!!







Inuyasha Vs Kouga! BAKA

srry but this is the only one that I can in english!(FOR NOW!)


Shippo's Drawing! LMAO

Inuyasha- Episode 65 (PART)

Inuyasha Vs. Kouga

The prize......A BAG OF CHIPS!

Inuyasha....... :)

DRUnken people!

I finally have Fushigi Yuugi funny moments!

well some!

 Nuriko Secret!!

Nuriko Devoted Love! LOL

Lady Nuriko




Servers Girls & The Bandits

BOth Nuriko And Taskuki! I laugh was to much!!


I Watched a new anime called ouran high school host club! Enjoy Them!

Host Club Memebers Find Out What Makes Haruhi Scared!

Just to inform u I put them english subbed okay!!

Host Club Dresses Up As Females!! SUCH BAKA'S!! LMAO


Cookie Scene! One of my fave parts from Ouran!! :)